Sunday, August 31, 2014

1996 DiamondBack Venom Pro Restoration

A friend of mine brought me his well used Diamondback because he heard that I am a bike guy. Because I am a sucker for bikes that need a little TLC and because I am a total sucker for mid school BMX bikes, I told him I would restore it for him.

Here are some BEFORE pics. As you can see everything is there and in relatively good condition. Well, OK it has some rust......

I love the Schwinn grips! I am sorry, but they have to go

Even the pedals are Diamondback, how cool is that?

Step 1: Disassemble. Number 5 would not be happy.

Step 2: OA Bath. Not much to show here because the water is murky. All the chrome parts go in the bath to remove the rust. Because only chrome parts go in the bath, all other parts must be removed including the headset and bottom bracket.

The chain went in the mineral spirits. I do not know if it salvageable.

After the OA bath.

Step 3: Re-assembly
I cleaned the headset and bottom bracket cups.

Headset and bottom bracket cups installed.

Cleaned the rest of the headset.

Cleaned and polished the stem.

Headset, stem, and bars installed. I want to point out the fork looks dull compared to the rest of the bike. I believe this is a nickel finish, which means when the bike was made, the fork was never chromed. Good chromers will nickel plate before chrome plate.

I cleaned and polished the brake levers.

I cleaned the seatpost clamp and seat. I used a trick I learned. I stuffed the seat guts inside the seat to give the seat a lower profile.

The seat clamp and seat installed.

I cleaned and polished the front brake.

The owner stopped by the other day with goodies. We put on the new clear AME grips to showcase the cool DB graphics on the handlebars and we installed the white upper and lower gyro cables.

My son was helping me this weekend. He enjoys the process as much as I do and he is getting good at it. I was impressed with his work. 

He cleaned and installed the bottom bracket and crankset.

The cleaned and polished rear 990 brake. I did have to buy a straddle cable because the old one was frayed.

I wanted to show the spokes and nipples. On the left are the spokes and nipples after take off. On the right is the cleaned spokes and new nipples. The old nipples were not reusable.

My son rebuilt both hubs. He disassembled, cleaned and even re-threaded the axles. We did have to replace one of the jam nuts because it was stripped. Here is his picture of all the parts before re-assembly. The rear hub is missing from the picture because I was lacing it to the wheel at the time. 

It has been a few weeks since I worked on this project. The new job and other projects have kept me busy.

I purchased a new front cable in white and installed it. 

I did not get pics of the wheels before I got them mounted. They turned out really nice. I hand polished the wheels and used steel wool to freshen up the sidewalls.

Here are a few pictures of the completed bicycle. It has already been returned to its owner. He is very happy with the results :-)