1988 Peregrine Expert

This is my 1988 Peregrine Expert I purchased from a www.bmxmusuem.com member and fellow Peregrine fan and collector. This bike has moved through a couple owners and is posted several times on www.bmxmusuem.com. I changed the grips to Peregrine blue/white (not pictured), and I changed the brake levers to white LeeChi brake levers. I also changed the seat to a white Peregrine seat that is correct for this bike. This bike is quite close to the original except for the tires and pedals, it still has it's original paint. I have actually ridden this Peregrine, which I cannot say for the rest of my collection.

The 1988 Expert was one of the first bikes Peregrine made. They also made the Pro, B1, and B1XT in 1988.

Parts List
  • 1988 Peregrine Expert Frame
  • Peregrine Fork
  • Peregrine Handlebars
  • Peregrine Wild Pair Grips (not pictured)
  • Anlun Stem
  • Lee Chi Cable Stop
  • Peregrine Twister Detangler
  • YST Headset
  • Anlun Seatpost
  • Peregrine Seat (not pictured)
  • Peregrine Seat Clamp
  • YST Bottom Bracket
  • SR Cosmo Lite Cranks
  • Peregrine Sprocket
  • Peregrine Unsealed Pedals
  • Peregrine 1st Generation Unsealed 48's
  • Peregrine Swivel Axle Nuts
  • White Lee Chi Levers
  • Peregrine FSX-111 Brakes
  • Odyssey Tires

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