1991 Peregrine RX-1 Turbo

I acquired the RX-1 Turbo in a trade for a Redline RL-20B. Some might think I got the shorter end of that stick, however this is the only Peregrine RX-1 Turbo I have seen. There is a rumor that there is another one of these in the wild, but I have yet to verify. I received the frame, fork, headset, stem, handlebars, grips, seatpost, and set in the deal. Originally I thought I would recreate the decals and repaint the bike, but considering it's rarity I have left it alone.

An interesting note, this is the only Peregrine bike that is designated as a "Team" bike. Even the Class 1 is labeled as "Ultra Racing Components". 

I managed to find the correct sprocket that would have come on the bike, and it is also appropriately aged for the condition of the bike. I added the Tioga cranks because they are a little nicer than the stock ones.

The regular RX-1would have come with Skyway mags, coaster in the rear and clincher in the front. This bike does not have a slot for a coaster and does not have markings from a coaster clamp on the chain stay. It does however have markings on the brake bridge. I am unsure what wheels this bike would have had. I found some NOS Super Racing Component wheels that had GT Mohawk front hubs. I found some period to the bike ACS hubs, rebuilt them with NOS ACS axle kits and laced them to the Peregrine rims with Asahi chrome spokes. Something to note: Peregrine had two versions of the Super Racing Component 36h rims. The one version is double-walled chrome Ukai's just like the Super Pro 48's. The other version is single wall (I am assuming Ukai) chrome, like pictured below. I do not know which generation is which.

What you are looking at here, is really rare. 1st off, Peregrine pads are almost non-existent. 2nd, finding a matching pad is like finding a Unicorn in your back yard. To give you an idea, of the 56 Peregrine bicycles on www.bmxmuseum.com (at the time of this writing) none of the bikes have Peregrine pads. 3 bikes have pads, but they are not Peregrine. So after I purchased this bike, a friend of mine said he knew someone with this pad and no matching bike. Of course I had to have it, it was a match made in BMX lore! What I find oddly curious, is both of these items come out of Minnesota. Coincidence? Maybe not...  I would like to find the matching top tube and stem pads, but now I am asking to finding two Unicorns - that is a tall order!

This is the original seat post and possible the original seat that came with the bike. From looking at the rust, this is quite possible. The seat post was bent, which I have straightened. I may some day replace the seat post and recreate the decal. I will definitely replace the seat guts and cleanup the rust. The Peregrine seat clamp is not original, but it suits the bike.

The original stem that came with the bike and was possibly original to bike was an MX 550 knock-off. It is plain aluminum and quite boring. I think this ACS stem adds a little more character. I need to find the stem bolt for it.

These are the grips that came with the bike. I do not know if these are original to the bike or not. The are the first generation and do not have the word Peregrine molded into the grip. Even though one grip has the end punched out, it seemed correct to put them back on.

Parts List:

  • 1991 Peregrine RX-1 Turbo frame/fork
  • Peregrine handlebars
  • Lun Fong Headset
  • Peregrine grips
  • Generic seatpost
  • Peregrine 1" seat clamp
  • Hsin Chang Seat
  • Generic bottom bracket
  • Tioga OPC
  • Peregrine sprocket
  • Peregrine sealed pedals
  • Peregrine Super Racing Components Racing rims
  • ACS hubs
  • Asahi chrome spokes & nipples
  • Redline tires


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