1996 Mongoose Supergoose

My '96 Mongoose Supergoose was an exercise in restoration. I purchased the frame from a kid on Craigslist. He thought it was a vintage Mongoose worth $100's. I had to break it to hi that not only was it a more recent Mongoose, but the condition was not favorable for high dollar return. It was abused and obviously left out in the elements.

You can see from this picture, the clear coat and decals had seen better days. Not in the picture was the yellow Reline fork that was on it when I purchased the bike.

This picture shows the one brake post is broken off at the brake boss.

After many hours of sanding and polishing I ended up with this. I did not have a buffing wheel, which I will not do again. I found a mid-school Mongoose fork that was in black chrome. I had it re-chromed so it would match the bike. The finish on the bike is not perfect, definitely not show quality, but it is an improvement over where I started. 

Here is is with the NOS decals I found on e-bay. The decals set the tone and color scheme for the rest of the build. In this pic I am still missing the "Aluminum" decals that go on the top tube.

Here is is with the fresh head tube decal installed.

I ordered and installed new titanium brake posts. I used an easy-out to get the broken one out of the boss.

The vintage Paul brake is installed. Just too cool for words.

This is my NOS mid school Mongoose stem. It had to go on the bike, so I found an NOS Peregrine 1" Quill adapter. In this pic I am still missing the fork spacers, but it turned out well.

These are used Haro Fusion bars. I thought they were cool, so I had the crossmember re-anodized in red.

These are new school Mongoose MTB grips, that just fit into my scheme. They are a little long, but they work.

NOS Shimano DX brake lever.

All of those parts installed:

I found some cool NOS Mongoose crank arms. It took me a while to find the correct spindle and I used a Profile bottom bracket. 

Found a really nice Odyssey chainring - in red of course!

I had purchased this seat because I had never seen a Peregrine constellation seat in red. It did not work with the Peregrine bikes I have, so the Mongoose seemed like an appropriate candidate.

NOS Odyssey triple traps. Not uncommon, but cool none-the-less.

NOS Mongoose seatpost. The seat clamp was original to the bike, but I had it re-anodized in red. I am still missing two of the three correct bolts for it.

I am a fan of the Peregrine Cosmic cable housings - however I have not seen any in red. I was excited to find this aftermarket one.

Unfortunately I do not have pictures of the wheels when I built them. I used NOS Shimano MX hubs, no name red anno rims, and Wheelsmith SS spokes. I found some new school tires that I thought would be too big, but they turned out ok. 

Here she is all put together. I actually ride this bike, and I even have taken it out in the snow!! I really enjoyed putting this together and I enjoy riding it too!

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