1997 Peregrine Class 1 L

I started with just an NOS frame, but with some guidance from Freestyle Master over at www.bmxmuseum.com, it became a project, and obsession to build the ultimate Peregrine racing bike. So this is my adventure and my take on what would have made every kid on the block jealous.

This is my first Peregrine, the bike that started my Peregrine obsession. It is now my primary focus when it comes to collecting. However, I still enjoy the process of restoring other bicycles.

So this is after I had been collecting parts for about a year. I like looking at the progress and the process of adding parts and eliminating others. Notice the chainring and stem that was not used on this project. Everything in this picture is NOS.

Instead, I got lucky and someone was unloading Peregrine parts from a closed bike store. I ended up with a NOS chainring and stem.

This is my chainring after I inlaid some gold foil, as the stock black and magenta decals not only were too small, but did not fit my theme. I think it turned out quite nice.

So in my attempts to find more information about Peregrine, I ran across this Peregrine MTB Demo, which I purchased from Howie Cohen, may he R.I.P. I was after the brake setup, which has decals instead of the black silkscreen to add that touch of different. I kept the stand in case someday I want to return it to it's original configuration.

Here are my NOS Madd Max 36h hubs that came in the original box.

Here is my NOS Madd Max wheels, hubs, Peregrine axle nuts, and electro-polished Wheelsmith SS spokes ready for building.

Here they are built. I really enjoyed lacing these wheels!!

Here is everything on build day. I have replaced the seat with an NOS Peregrine Constellation seat, and I replaced the Peregrine swivel axle nuts with NOS Peregrine Super Racing axle nuts. 

I originally had these NOS Comp style tires, but ultimately settled on Primo Dirt Monsters. The Primo tires  are closer in shape and tread pattern to Snakebellies. 

Here is the final product. I think it turned out well. 

This pic was taken at the 4th annual Madison BMX Show & Swap. I took first place in the 1996 - Current category.

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