2016 Haro Lineage

The longer I am in this hobby, the more I realize I am a Haro fan. A lot of the new products are just as awesome as they were in the 80's. The moment I saw the new Team Lineage frame, I had to have one. Unlike a lot of my bikes, I plan on riding this bad boy!

Haro made it really easy to color match everything. I think I may change out the stem spacer because it really is not teal. 

I waited almost a year to get the reissued Haro Group 1 cranks. I could not afford the original ones BITD, and I really can't afford the original ones now. I originally had the anodized blue sprocket, but the Team sprocket is way better looking. The chain is temporary. I have not settled on a chain yet.

The Odyssey Aerospace was a logical choice for this build. Light but strong and matches perfectly.

I settled on custom ordered Profile Elite hubs. I just could not find another set that would match the color scheme other than black, and they are Profile...

Matching Haro seat.

Standard Haro Lineage stem. The color of blue stem just did not work.

I got the largest setup I could. The frame is 21", the bars are 8.75" I really wanted teal colored side walls, and all of the Fit FAF tires were sold out, so I had to settle for Innova tires.

 Parts List

  • 2016 Haro Lineage Team frame
  • Haro Lineage Forks
  • Haro Lineage Bars
  • Haro Deadset Integrated Headset
  • Haro Lineage Stem
  • Haro Lineage Fluted Tripod Seatpost
  • Haro Midway Tripod Seat
  • Haro Bottom Bracket
  • Haro Lineage Group 1 Cranks
  • Haro Team Sprocket
  • Fyxation Mesa Platform Pedals
  • Profile Elite Hubs
  • Odyssey Aerospace Rims
  • Innova 20 x 2.25" Tires

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