1996 Peregrine Craig LePage

I traded some other bikes to procure this 1996 Craig LePage frame & fork. It is near mint. It was built, but I don't think it was ridden.

This is a picture of it the day I got it.

This is an updated picture. I have then since found some parts for it. 

I found some double dimple cranks in rough shape. I had them re-chromed, purchased new hardware and I used a new Tioga sealed Bottom Bracket. 


 I found some NOS Phat Jack hubs.


I found an NOS 26.8 Peregrine lay-back seat post.


I found an NOS Peregrine stem. 

I found some NOS KHE re-issue pedals. I have some original MKS Grafight pedals in 1/2". I may still get those converted to 9/16" and use those.

I was not able to find Phat Jack rims in good condition. I found some regular Super Pro rims that needed to be restored. I had the chrome stripped, and the aluminum polished. I then drilled out the rims for 12 gauge spokes before they were re-chromed. I had ordered some custom 12 gauge spokes from Phil Wood for another project that I never completed, so I decided to use them on this project.

Here are the wheels built up.

Go To: 1997 Peregrine Class 1 L 

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