Peregrine Collectables

Peregrine Super Power Wrench

These are Peregrine wrenches I found on Ebay. Not sure why, but as you know Peregrine tried out some strange things.

Peregrine Brake Sales Demo Stand

I purchased this stand from Howie Cohen before he passed. I was after the sales demo brake lever and brake, which now reside on my Peregrine Class 1 L. I keep this stand not only for the novelty, but some day I might rejoin the set. What is interesting to note is the Ukai Madd Max rim that was cut for this stand. Notice the paper "Made In Japan" decal on the underside.

Peregrine Authorized Dealer Decal

I purchased this from the son of a now closed local bike shop owner. This would have been sent to bike shop owners to put in their window to let potential customers they sold Peregrine products. It is unused (and really should be in an archival frame). I do not know how many of these exist. The only other one that I know exists was used, and I believe was removed from a window.

Peregrine Cosmic Cables

These cables add some bling to your ride. They are becoming increasingly harder to find. Don't be fooled by want-to-be Peregrine Cosmic cables out there, the real deal has Peregrine stamped in gold on the cable housing near the brake lever side.

Peregrine Chainrings

The first chainring is a 44T that would have been paired with a Peregrine compact disc, which I do not have. I have a complete 42T version on my RX-1. There a couple different versions of this chainring and they are not very common.
The second chainring is the smallest gear of a MTB grouping (22T). This is NOS, so I am guessing this was ordered by a bike shop as a replacement and was never used. I have not seen any other gears stamped with Peregrine.

Peregrine Axle Nuts

These Peregrine axle nuts were often used on Peregrine wheels if pegs were not used. These are chrome plated swivel nuts, which not only look great, but allow the tightening the nut without the use of a washer.

Peregrine Original Catalogs
The 1987 catalog (bottom) I picked up on ebay. 

The 1988 catalogs I picked were originally owned by Howie Cohen. I took pictures of both the originals and the copies. You can see the original is bigger, the bike order is different and the white out is actually white out.

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