1991 Peregrine RX-1

I purchased my RX-1 frame and fork from a www.bmxmuseum.com member. I decided to keep it original and build it as a survivor build. I based the year of my bike on information about Redline serial numbers from the www.bmxmuseum.com. According to that information, serial numbers starting with RLW0050 (which mine does) are a 1991 model. So basically, the Peregrine RX-1 in chrome is the same bike as a Redline 320 with Peregrine decals.

My next purchase  was a survivor set of Peregrine Super Racing Components rims and hubs. I rebuilt the hubs with NOS Peregrine rebuild kits. I then laced them up with SS spokes. All of the decals are original. I added the Super Racing Components nuts, which were NOS.
These are very similar to Super Pros, except they are 36h instead of 48h.

The tires are used and purchased from a www.bmxmusuem.com member. Benotto is an Italian brand that moved to Mexico in the 40's. The tires are not very common and are close to the age of the bike.

The bars are used Peregrine Strut bars. The grips are NOS Peregrine grips, second generation.
The brake levers are used Peregrine FSX 001's.
Brake cables are new with used Dia-Compe cable clamps.
The headset came with the frame & fork.


The Peregrine brakes I found on Ebay. They were in rough used condition. They were originally anodized purple, but have faded over time (and exposure to sun). I rebuilt them with Dia-Compe rebuild kits and NOS clear pads. These are clearly MTB brakes, however this is the only set I know of and have that cool factor.

The Peregrine seat is used and came on complete Experts & Pros. I may change this out some day and return the seat to a factory complete. The chrome RX-1 came as a F/F only. The seat post is generic and the Peregrine seat clamp is an NOS 25.4mm. I discovered the same seat on a demo bike in a BMX magazine.

The crank setup is made up of the following:
  • Used Tioga bottom bracket
  • Used SR Tubular CrMo 175mm OPC cranks
  • Used Peregrine 42T chainring and compact disc. This particular chainring and disc are not very common.
  • NOS Peregrine "Next Generation" plastic platform pedals, 1/2". These are very uncommon, and I do not know of any other sets. CLP may own a pair, but I have not verified.
  • The chain is a used black & silver KMC.

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