Peregrine B1 Prototype

I am going to throw some pictures up here until I get some time to get better pictures and add information.

This is believed to be a B1 "mockup" as there are no markings on it. It is believed to be made by Anlun. It came from the Peregrine warehouse when they closed.

Until this point I thought this was some find of decal mockup or something similar. Then one day this popped up on

Gee, those forks and bars sure look familiar, and they don't match the Peregrine Expert decal theme. So, some people would say that someone got creative and just put some Peregrine decals on some Anlun frames, I would normally agree, but the evidence suggests otherwise. Both frames are Anlum made, without serial numbers. The seat is the same Velo VL-210 seat used by Peregrine. The pedals are the same Welgo LU-470 pedals used by Peregrine. The headset and BB look the same, the rest of the parts I do not know. 

Here are some pictures of the two bikes together minutes after I unboxed the red one.

Here is a picture of the B1 prototype with it's original fork and bars installed. It was late, so the lighting is not great. I did a quick wash on them, but I need to spend some more time cleaning the paint. As you can see from the pictures, the decals and paint are a dead match. 

This is like finding the rest of the unicorn when you didn't know there was more to be found. Of course this begs the question, where is the rest of the red bike??

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