What is that smell?

So I am out in the public space to have dinner with my family. Half way through dinner, a younger couple comes in an sits in the booth next to us. Through the rest of my dinner I get these whiffs of sickening sweet smell that for all intensive purposes smells like someone doused themselves in Frebreze. Since when was this a good smell? Who is selling this crap to the younger generation? And why are they buying it? Or am I just getting old? What makes matters worse is when you mix it with cigarette smoke. That combination will make me gag.

All I know is I wear quality cologne, and it does not smell anything like Frebreze. Then again, I do not use air fresheners, mainstream house cleaners or laundry products, and sure as hell don't use Frebreze, so maybe because my nose it not bombarded with over-powering perfumes (if you can call them that), and therefore I can actually smell how bad it really is.

I think people just need to open their windows. The best air-freshener is fresh air.

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